Our projects

Stages of building

Establishment of the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park was started by the project “I. Stage Conception of JVTP in České Budějovice” whose leader was the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Management, sustainability, engagement by clients and other issues regarding the first stage of the science and technology park is on behalf of the South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising.

Development of JVTP, Stage IIA

Our company (South Bohemian Science and Technology Park, corp.) started preparation of the follow-up project “Development of JVTP, Stage IIA” in 2011, when it got co-financing from the European structural funds within Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation, programme Prosperity. The subject of the project implementation was completion of the capacities of the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park. There was built approx. 3000 m2 of floorage with necessary backstage in the project.

These are relatively separated functional units:

  • Entrance area, foyer with reception, conference hall including background (to prepare cattering)
  • Administrative area
  • Rented offices in various sizes with access to laboratories
  • Semi-industrial premises
  • Premises with technological facilities connected to storage, resting and administrative spaces
  • Laboratories - shared, individual, as functional units with or without a connection to offices, various levels of sterility, hygiene loops, specialised sewer, air conditioning.