Confocal microscope

JVTP, corp. offers inverted confocal microscope with incubation box by Leica enabling universal use for observing biological material.

Confocal microscope

General description of the technology

The light source is a laser beam. The confocal microscope provides extraordinarly sharp, contrasty and highly informative picture with a high resolution. The structures below and above the level of focus have almost no influence on the image quality. The sharpness depth is always minimal.

Coloured cell structures are illuminated by the laser beam on a chosen plane. It si possible to get the image on several planes by a sequential scanning and to create the 3D image from these images.

Fluorescence allows observation of living cells with a long-term activity, which is regularly recorded by scanning. With this microscope, it is possible to observe the dynamics and interaction of the cells.

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The confocal microscope system Leica TCS SPE can display living or fixed cells in a high resolution, accuracy, speed, and provides all available confocal techniques. The system thus allows to better identify processes inside the cells. The scanning is purely spectral and fully controlled through the software Leica LAS AF (Leica Appplication Suite - Advanced Fluorescence). This system enables even lambda scanning thanks to the spectral detection. High-quality 30“ monitor NEC MultiSync PA301W together with a high-performance workstation HP Z420 make processing of scanned images easier.

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