South Bohemian Entrepreneurial Vouchers

Support Programme for Cooperation of South Bohemian Enterprises and Research Organisations „South Bohemian Entrepreneurial Vouchers“ is a simple grant scheme with low administration requirements and a possibility to quickly implement the projects. It was designed with the aim to support development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region of South Bohemia, to initite realisation of innovation activities and simultaneously to stimulate them make a contact with research organisations and to initiate cooperation or extend current one. Generally, the programme should contribute to competitiveness of enteprises in the South Bohemian Region thanks to more intensive utilisation of scientific knowledge. Guarantor of the scheme is the South Bohemian Region, voucher provider and administration body is the South Bohemian Science and Technology Park, corp.

The pogramme principle is very simple – a company needs to solve some specific problem when introducing innovation activity (e.g. complex laboratory analysis), and this company is unable to find a solution in-house. This problem could be fixed in cooperation with a specialised department of a research organisation. To support this cooperation is intended the entrepreneurial voucher covering 75 % of expenses, which would have to pay the company from its budget.

The programme South Bohemian Entrepreneurial Vouchers has launched three calls so far with financial allocation of 2 million CZK. The first call was announced in 2014. The number of applications has been constatntly growing together with the required grant volume, which has exceeded the programme allocation more than twice already in the 2015 call. The total requested grant volume of the projects fulfilling administrative and factual assessment has stabilised at 3,7 million CZK in the last two calls. Regarding the overlapping demand of the approved applications above the total programme budget, it was necessary to make a public lottery with a notary in all calls. More information on the programme is available at (Czech only),which serves also for project applications or you can send your inquiry at

Overview of calls 2014-2016 of the programme (Czech only)

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